The ETUC Women's Committee expresses its solidarity with the "Women in Black" in Poland fighting for their reproductive rights.


Statement of Solidarity with the Women wearing Black for fear of losing their reproductive rights

Statement adopted at the Women’s Committee of 3 November 2016

Polish women and men, wearing black for fear of losing even more of their reproductive rights, have gathered again across Poland to protest a proposal to ban abortions in cases where foetuses are seriously damaged or have little chance of survival after birth. If approved, this would further undermine the rights of Polish women to decide on their pregnancy and negatively impact on Polish obligations towards gender equality, as enshrined in the EU Treaties. The ETUC opposes vigorously the proposals that threaten EU values and human rights and expresses its solidarity with the women in Poland who demand the right to decide over their own bodies.

The European trade union movement has joined civil society forces on Monday, the 24th of October in their call to respect women’s fundamental reproductive rights, for better sex education and easier access to birth control. Trade unions and women’s organisations across Europe have expressed their support for women in Poland and the right to abortion all over Europe.

Today gender equality is seriously challenged in Poland, but tomorrow it could be in another EU country. Solidarity from the EU trade unions is fundamental” said Gloria Mills, President of the Women’s Committee of the ETUC.

Montserrat MIR, ETUC Confederal Secretary reinforced “Women’s rights are being challenged in a number of European countries and we must oppose any attempt to dilute what we have achieved during years of hard struggle here in Europe”.