ETUC calls on Competitiveness Council to send a strong signal to protect human rights

Tomorrow - 1 December – at the EU Competitiveness Council, Ministers will try to reach a general approach to the directive on corporate sustainability due diligence (CSDD), which introduces an obligation on companies to identify and prevent, end or mitigate the impact of their activities on human rights, including trade union and workers’ rights, and the environment.

ETUC counts on the Council to make clear that it is still serious about the EU becoming a frontrunner for the protection of human rights, including trade union and workers’ rights, in Europe and globally” said ETUC Confederal Secretary Isabelle Schömann.

For ETUC, it is key that Member States and companies alike understand that good governance means that trade unions and workers’ representatives are fully involved in every step of a company’s due diligence policy.

“The Directive must apply to ALL companies irrespective of their size, sector, business structure and whether they are situated inside or outside the EU.

“It should also guarantee that human rights include all workers’ and trade union rights and provide for strong civil liability schemes, redress mechanisms and effective remedies and deterrent sanctions.

What is currently on the table will not suffice to achieve respect for human rights and the environment, so we call on EU member states to adopt tomorrow an approach which is as ambitious as possible and gives the sign that for the EU it is time to put human rights and the environment before maximising profits at any human cost.”