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14.03.2023 Document

Statement of the PERC Executive Committee - End the Cost of Living Crisis: Increase Wages, Tax Profits, Protect People!

Cost of living Crisis
Wages are not the cause of inflation. Workers are the victims of this crisis, with the value of their wages falling while prices for everyday goods are rising. At the same time, the value of pensions and of income support is decreasing in real terms. This situation is increasing existing inequalities, with low paid workers and vulnerable people hit the hardest. This crisis is being driven by excess profits – not wages. We are experiencing a profits-price spiral not a wages-price spiral. For example, energy and food companies have doubled their profits in 2022.
24.02.2023 Document

One year later the war must end!

Working people always suffer in conflicts and the pursuit of peace is a fundamental trade union value. On 24 February 2022 Russian military forces invaded Ukraine, bringing destruction to peaceful cities and workplaces. It has been a year of shock and pain, devastating news and images, but also a year of bravery and consolidation of Ukrainian people and their unions and a year of solidarity, unity, and support.
15.02.2023 Document

Towards Zero Death in Agriculture

Dear Commissioners,     Official statistics show 500 people losing lives every year in agriculture and forestry in the EU and another 150,000 suffering accidents. Many more fatalities still go unrecorded in these two top-risk sectors.      While these deaths and injuries continue the EU has taken two steps which ought to impact on health and safety in agriculture:  
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