European Parliament takes up ETUC demands for a new framework on ICP

The resolution

On 17 December 2020 the European Parliament adopted a resolution on a strong social Europe for just transitions. With 380 votes in favour, the Parliament manifested its support for social sustainability as a fundamental prerequisite for fair and inclusive green, digital and demographic transitions.

Quite remarkably, the European Parliament also supported the ETUC’s essential demands. Among other demands, it took up the ETUC’s call on a new EU framework on information, consultation and board-level representation as well as its call for sustainable corporate governance.

In paragraph 29 & 30, the report states:

29.  Calls on the Commission to introduce a new framework directive on workers’ information, consultation and participation for European company forms, including subcontracting chains and franchises, and for companies that use European company mobility instruments, in order to establish minimum standards including on anticipation of change and restructuring, in particular at company level; also calls for a revision of the European Works Council (EWC) directive to ensure inter alia proper enforcement, access to justice and effective sanctions for violation of the rules and improve the functioning of the special negotiating body, including a transnational information and consultation process, to be properly conducted and completed before any decisions are taken; calls on the Commission to promote employee share ownership, as a tool to enhance the inclusion of workers by improving democracy at work, while reducing inequality as well as the risk of job losses during downturns;

30.  Calls on the Commission and the Member States to establish the necessary conditions and requirements in order to have at least 80 % of corporations covered by sustainable corporate governance agreements by 2030, establishing strategies agreed with workers in order to positively influence environmental, social and economic development through governance practices and market presence, improve directors' accountability as regards integrating sustainability into corporate decision-making, and promote corporate governance practices that contribute to company sustainability, with reference inter alia to corporate reporting, board remuneration, maximum wage ratio difference, board composition and stakeholder involvement.


The European Parliament’s resolution addresses the European Commission above all ahead of the Porto Social Summit on 7 & 8 May 2021. It calls for the integration of the European Pillar of Social Rights into the Treaties and the adoption of a Sustainable Development and Social Progress Pact making social and sustainable targets mandatory. The different chapters of the resolution address (1) decent work and sustainable and inclusive labour markets, (2) social justice and equal opportunities, (3) strong social protection systems and (4) fair mobility.

The ETUC will maintain pressure on the European Commission to start strengthening the flawed European legal framework and to ensure that workers’ rights are respected in all workplaces. The ETUC is confident that it can count on the European Parliament’s support.

Next dates

27 January 2021 - Workshop on workers’ board level representation and sustainable corporate governance

The workshop follows the latest consultation by the European Commission on sustainable corporate governance which is open until 8 February 2021. During the first part of the workshop, we will discuss sustainable finance and its impacts on workers, including the issue of non-financial reporting and directors’ duties. The second half of the workshop will then focus more on information, consultation and participation rights, the loopholes in the SE Directive and the legislative agenda of the institutions.

REGISTRATION: Event Information | ETUC

The agenda is attached. Find also the ETUC Position on a new EU framework on ICP from last December.

Interpretation will be provided in EN, DE, FR, IT & ES.