New rights for migrants admitted for seasonal employment in the EU - ETUC congratulates MEPs for their part in deal

Brussels, 08/11/2013

The deal offers a set of rights and equal treatment measures for the benefit of seasonal migrant workers. Member states will be called to introduce faster and more transparent procedures to release permits. Migrants will have right to an accommodation that ensures an adequate standard of living at affordable costs.

The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) congratulates the decision-making parties, and in particular considers valuable the work made by MEPs Claude Moraes, Sergio Gaetano Cofferati and Alejandro Cercas, who led negotiations on behalf of the European Parliament, and were always open to input from the trade union movement.

“EU legislation remains fragmented, often disregarding the social dimension of the migration policy, but this compromise shows that Europe can do more to make migration an opportunity for people,” said Luca Visentini, ETUC Confederal Secretary. {“Equal treatment for migrant workers helps integration and builds solidarity among national and non-national workers”.

Once the directive has been finally adopted, national social partners will have the right to be associated to the transposition process. It shows that social dialogue can create a stronger and more social Europe.