Atos SE concludes agreement on Information, Consultation and Participation at European level

Content of the agreement

Although management had first dissolved the Council, it had to reinstate it after a decision by the Versailles Appeal Court in 2021. Now both parties have signed an agreement replacing the agreement concluded in 2012.

The text provides for clearly sequenced procedures for informing and consulting workers. After a period of 60 to 75 days for information, from beginning to end, the council will issue a formal opinion. Furthermore, the an expert advice can be requested with a maximum budget of 175,000 euros per year. If an opinion is not forthcoming, management will bring the consultation to an end and the council will be deemed to have implicitly issued a negative opinion.

The council’s meets twice annually but deputies can monitor the proceedings remotely “in listening mode”. The working groups set up by the council are required to use “communication technologies” and, in some cases, extraordinary meetings can be held remotely, especially if they last less than four hours.

The council can elect a three-member “participatory council” to liaise between the council and the company’s executive board. Further more the agreement stipulates that management shall not “arbitrarily” classify information as confidential; it shall provide reasons for any request to maintain confidentiality and set a time limit on this. In addition, the council’s select committee must be notified of any dismissal proceedings brought against a member.

More information in IR Notes 184