Bonus for cyclists in Belgium

From 1 May, all private-sector workers who cycle to work in Belgium will have the right to higher mileage allowances, under a deal between trade unions and employers. The compensation per kilometre will increase from €0.24 to €0.27, indexed annually.

The allowance is awarded to people who regularly bike for some or all of their journey between home and work, up to a maximum 40 kilometres per day. Although the scheme already existed in some sectors, the supplementary collective labour agreement reached via the National Labour Council extends its coverage.

The Central Economic Council estimates that in 2021, 15% of Belgian workers took advantage of the allowance, costing a total of €107 million. The aim is to further encourage cycling, since data show that more than half of employees living under five kilometres from their place of work continue to travel by car.

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Photo: Pexels