Urgent : ETUC concerns regarding alternate compromise amendments on Resolution on Social Dialogue

Brussels, 05 May 2023

Dear Members of the European Parliament,

We have become aware of some concerning developments regarding the European Parliament Resolution on Strengthening Social Dialogue. Last-minute alternative compromises have been tabled that would undermine the autonomy of social partners.

In particular, the alternative compromise amendments 4 and 7 (CA 4 alt and CA 7 alt) seek to interfere with to the fundamental freedom for social partners to manage their organisations and membership as well as the right of to join a trade union. Trade unions must be free from interference in how they organise and represent workers. The right to join a union is a building block of our democracies, and any attempt to limit this must be rejected.

The ETUC therefore calls for these alternate compromises (CA 4 alt and CA 7 alt) to be rejected at the vote on Monday in Strasbourg. The alternate compromises challenge the basic right to join a trade union and social partner autonomy and therefore undermine the objective of the resolution which is to strengthen social dialogue.

Thank you in advance for reflecting our strong concerns on these issues in how you vote on Monday.

Best Regards,
Claes-Mikael Ståhl
ETUC Deputy General Secretary