For Information : Report "Boosting unions’ participation to guarantee quality transition and employment to young people in Europe"

To: All ETUC member organisations

To: Members of the ETUC - Youth Committee

Brussels 17th December 2018

Dear colleagues,

The ETUC and its Youth Committee are pleased to send you its recent report, ‘Boosting unions’ participation to guarantee quality transition and employment to young people in Europe’, attached to the present mail.

First of all we would like to thank those of you who completed the survey and provided information to the author of the report for this research on what unions are doing for youth employment. Thanks to this input, our study found out that unions are involved in various ways in youth policies, from the political level to the grassroots level. It is important to make these good practices public and circulate them among our affiliates.

The European trade union movement contributes to the initiatives of the European Union enshrined in the Youth Employment Package: the Youth Guarantee, the Quality Framework for Traineeships and the European Alliance for Apprenticeships. These initiatives and their results are largely explained and analysed in our report.

But more importantly for us, the trade unions, the report shows that we are active in four main ways: negotiating binding legal frameworks and signing collective agreements; taking initiatives on new policy measures; leading awareness-raising campaigns on the difficulties of young workers; and monitoring/evaluating existing youth policies.

The report provides a Toolbox which includes ‘tips and tricks’ for each tool. The descriptions and recommendations are based on real-life experiences reported by ETUC affiliated organisations – each tool has been already tried and tested at ground level.

In addition to the report (in English) we also produced a leaflet (in German, Italian, Spanish and French) which will help you with raising awareness on this key issue among your leaders and members.

We hope that our report and this material will inspire your current and future work in youth policies.

Under the following link on the ETUC website you will find the report and a flyer with the main information:

Please let us know if you wish to receive paper copies.

Fraternal greetings,


Thiébaut Weber

ETUC Confederal Secretary

Viktória Nagy

President of the ETUC - Youth Committee