Statement of the EU cross-industry social partners on the Russian invasion of Ukraine

ETUC, Business Europe, sme united, SGI Europe

In light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and in support of the conclusions of the special meeting of the European Council of 24 February 2022, we, the European cross-industry social partners, state that:

• We strongly deplore and condemn the unprovoked attack on the territorial integrity of Ukraine currently underway. This attack is an obvious violation of international law and represents a clear threat to European peace and security.

• The European Union must continue to show unity and determination in building a common response, putting at the heart of its intervention our commitment to defend international law and support those suffering from the conflict. The collective strength of the EU can only be expressed through a common voice when facing external threats and challenges such as the one that we are currently facing.

• The council conclusions need to be swiftly implemented and the European Commission must deliver in putting forward contingency measures, including on energy. Those measures must also guarantee the protection of EU citizens, enterprises and workers active in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. The integrity of EU borders and the security and sovereignty of other countries in the region must be guaranteed.

• The European Union is and must remain a paragon for peace and democracy. Our thoughts are now with the Ukrainian people in these difficult moments, and we deplore the loss of life and the human suffering.