EU ministers could adopt a general approach on CSRD directive today

Towards a Council position

In a meeting with Member States’ ambassadors, the French Presidency stated two weeks ago that it was aiming for a general approach on the proposed Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) at the next Competitiveness Council of the EU on 24 February.

A proposal for approval on CSRD could be presented at Committee of Permanent Representatives (see EUROPE B12868A17).

However, there will be no general approach on the proposal for a directive on the introduction of a common charger - as originally foreseen in the draft agendas for EU Council meetings in the first half of 2022 - given that the Presidency obtained a mandate at the end of January (see EUROPE B12877A8).

A debate could take place on the issue of foreign subsidies and the distortions they cause in the Internal Market. Another debate on the industrial mobility ecosystem could be held. The working lunch is expected to be devoted to the situation of SMEs.

The European Commission is reported to have stressed the importance of at least a briefing on the European Chips Act (due to be presented on 8 February - see EUROPE B12880A25) and on the standardisation strategy (see EUROPE B12882A3).

Several delegations asked for a debate on the Internal Market to be included on the agenda in preparation for the March European Council.