From Declarations to Action: Time for Social Rights! Towards the Porto European Social Summit

5 March 2021 14:00-16:00

As Covid-19 continues to rage across Europe and the world, the pandemic serves as a bitter and stark reminder of the need to invest in our societies and economies to make them more just, resilient and sustainable.

While this need is not new, it is in times of crisis that the European project must prove its validity as a project for the good of all through protecting people, supporting businesses, investing in equality, social progress and economic well-being. Such progress must have people at its centre, and the fulfilment of their needs for care, work, dignity, security and thriving future.

Today, the European Pillar of Social Rights is called upon now more than ever to show in concrete terms its full value.

The Action Plan for its implementation must live up to these strong demands by informing recovery and progress with the principles of social justice, investment in the common good, sustainable economy and democracy.

The European Alliance Stand Up for the EPSR is organising a conference involving Europe's institutions and key stakeholders to explain why Europe and its people need the European Pillar of Social Rights and how it must become a reality on which to rebuild our future.


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