Reminder: ETUC/Eurocadres online event Human Rights Due Diligence: How to influence company strategies

1 June 2022 10:00-11:30

Active language

English, German, French

Event details

Brussels, 30 May 2022

  • ETUC Workers' Participation and Company Policy Committee
  • ETUC Labour and Internal Market Legislation Committee
  • ETUC ad hoc Working Group on mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence and Sustainable Corporate Governance (mHRDD/SCG)
  • For information to the Member Organisations

Dear Colleagues,

Workers and trade unions will continue to play a crucial role in the implementation of sustainable business due diligence strategies, working towards ethical and environmentally friendly supply chains.  
The European Commission's legislative proposal for Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence is needed, but fails to deliver sufficient change to business practices.  

We would like to remind you to join us on 1 June to discuss the importance of human rights due diligence, and how trade unions can influence company strategies for the benefit of workers and the environment. 

Interpretation for this event is available in DE, FR and EN. 

We will be joined by speakers: 

  • Isabelle Schömann - ETUC
  • Nayla Glaise - Eurocadres
  • Carola Dittmann - IG BCE 
  • Pauline Moreau Avila - Force Ouvrière
  • Hugues Ghenne - FGTB

You can register at this link and you will receive the joining details. 

Kind regards,

Isabelle Schömann
Confederal Secretary