Italian social partners launch training platform

MetApprendo logo

A new digital training platform will help workers in Italy’s engineering and metals sector to secure the individual training they need, under provisions in the sector’s collective agreement.

Three trade unions – Fiom-Cgil, Fim-Cisl and Uilm – together with the employer organisations Federmeccanica and Assistal, have joined forces to launch MetApprendo.  It provides tools to enable companies in the sector to measure training needs, develop customised plans and offer online training.

Under the national agreement, companies must pay a fee of €1.50 per person to enrol their workers onto the platform, where they will have access to individual digital files recording training undertaken throughout their careers. The metal sector is the only one in Italy to offer individual training rights. 

Said Massimiliano Nobis of Fim-Cisl: “For many companies, but also for workers, vocational training is seen as something distant from daily work.” The platform will help to create pathways that motivate young people and reduce the gap between highly paid and highly qualified engineers and low-skilled employees.

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