Annual growth survey: current policies offer little hope for Europe's jobless - ETUC says change, not stagnation, is key to recovery

Brussels, 13/11/2013

Sadly, the prospect of a jobless recovery continues to loom large in Europe. The AGS proposes a continuation of the very economic strategies that have prolonged the crisis and contributed to the decline in employment and the social situation in many countries.
A radical change is needed. Europe needs investment not austerity; member states must stop the strategy of an endless race to the bottom based on lower wages and working conditions.

The ETUC has proposed a bold plan for a new way forward: an investment plan to bolster the creation of quality, sustainable jobs in Europe.
For the first time, the views of the European social partners have been displayed by the European Commission, as requested. The ETUC recognises this as a step forward in improving the involvement of the social partners in European economic governance.

Responding to the Annual Growth Survey, Józef Niemiec, ETUC deputy general secretary said: “Europe’s citizens have already expressed their dissatisfaction with austerity and their growing doubts about Europe’s future. Business as usual is not an option. European competitiveness cannot be based on a race to the bottom. European economic governance must go hand in hand with policies that foster quality job creation, social progress and cohesion.”