Anti-strike law puts UK outside mainstream

Responding to UK Government claims that new anti-strike laws would bring the UK into line with Europe, European Trade Union Confederation General Secretary Esther Lynch said:

“The UK already has among the most draconian restrictions on the right to strike in Europe, and the UK government’s plans would push it even further away from normal, democratic practice across Europe. 

“Pay in Germany, Sweden and many other EU countries is decided through collective bargaining, and most disputes are settled through negotiation between trade unions and employers, including in the public sector.

“There is no comparison to be made between that system of social dialogue, and the political conflict the UK Government is stoking over public sector pay.

“If the UK Government are really interested in learning from the best practice in Europe, they would sit down with trade union representatives to negotiate a fair deal as soon as possible, and they would not respond to strikes by bringing in more restrictive legislation.”