EP ramps up pressure for more Democracy at Work

MEP Gaby Bischoff's own-initiative report on "Democracy at Work” – adopted by an overwhelming majority in the by the Parliament’s Employment Committee today – calls for modernisation of EU legislation on workers involvement in decisions at work.

The report includes calls for  

  • a new framework directive on workers' information, consultation and board level representation,
  • a revision of the European Works Council Directive,
  • puts pressure on the European Commission to increase the involvement of workers in workplace decisions.

ETUC Confederal Secretary Isabelle Schömann said:

"The ETUC welcomes this important report and encouraging vote for more democracy at work and good and effective workers' participation. The Employment Committee correctly underlines the need to strengthen democracy in Europe including in the workplace. MEPs are right to emphasise that democracy at work strengthens trust in democracy and motivates workers to engage in democratic culture and practices. There is a need for society and businesses to recognise workers as citizens of the enterprises where they work.”

The ETUC strongly supports the Committee’s call for a framework directive on workers' information, consultation and board level representation for European legal forms and companies that make use of the freedom of movement.

This request follows a long-standing but disregarded demand of the ETUC to the European Commission to protect and strengthen workers’ participation rights in Europe. European laws such as the Company law package and European legal forms such as the Societas Europaea (SE) are increasingly being misused by businesses to undermine national rules on workers’ participation. Not addressing the obvious problems leads to mistrust in the EU and undermines workers’ rights.

“The shortcomings of the European Works Council Directive current directive have been known for a long time” added Isabelle Schömann. “It is high time to start its revision. The ETUC calls on the Commission to act accordingly. Especially in times of the green and digital transition, every day without a revision means that workers cannot exercise their full rights to genuine information, consultation and participation to shape fair and sustainable transformation at work.”

The ETUC calls on all Members of European Parliament to support the adopted initiative report at the final vote in Strasbourg in December and on the Commission to act now to strengthen workers’ participation rights in Europe.


Check the ETUC dedicated web page at www.democracyatwork.eu