Equal pay in sight for posted workers?

The ETUC calls on MEPs and Governments to approve last night’s agreement on the revision of the Posting of Workers Directive, providing it offers full equal pay and protection for Europe’s posted workers.

At last posted workers could have a guarantee of equal pay,” said Luca Visentini, ETUC General Secretary, “and better protection. For some of Europe's 2 million posted workers it offers the prospect of a long overdue pay rise.

The ETUC wants to put an end to wage competition. The revision must at least include the principle of equal remuneration, recognition of all collective agreements covering local workers, mandatory reimbursement of travel, board and lodging expenses, and a clear statement that the objective of the directive is the protection of posted workers.

I thank the MEPs, Minister and Commissioner involved in making the deal, and I call on the Parliament and Council to approve an agreement for full equal pay and protection without delay.”

The ETUC has been calling for a revision of the Directive since the notorious 2007 Laval and Viking cases that undermined the old Posting of Workers Directive, and has engaged actively in the debate about revision.