The ETUC is horrified by the death of hundreds of migrants off the Lampedusa Island

Brussels, 03/10/2013

“We are horrified by the death of hundreds of migrant people – including children and pregnant women – that happened today off the coast of Lampedusa. Too often the hope of a better future turned into tragedy. We cannot accept that current European migration policy lacks any form of solidarity among Member states in this field. Without a change of course, it will be impossible to prevent further tragedies like this one” said Bernadette Ségol, ETUC General Secretary.

The issue of greater cooperation among member states on the international protection of fugitives is a long-standing feature of migration policy and it is time for EU Member States to show greater respect for the protection of human lives and dignity. Member States cannot waive their responsibility vis-à-vis the international community and even more importantly vis-à-vis the obligation to respect human lives for those seeking protection.