EU poll shows growing anger over cost-of-living crisis

European citizens are increasingly dissatisfied with the response of the EU and national governments to the cost-of-living crisis, new polling by the European Parliament has found.

Sixty-five per cent of people are not satisfied with the response of national governments to the increase in food and energy prices, while 57 per cent are unhappy with the EU’s response.

Both figures have increased by 1 per cent across the EU since the last poll in November 2022, showing national and EU measures to counter the crisis have not made a real impact. Dissatisfaction with EU measures has increased in the majority of member states by up to 17 per cent.

The polling comes after the European Commission told member states last month that they should cut spending on measures to shield citizens from the cost-of-living crisis and instead use the money to pay down their deficits under new austerity rules

The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) is calling on the EU and national governments to:

  • Stop austerity 2.0 and support economic rules which work for people
  • Put in place comprehensive windfall taxes on super profits – so far only a minority of member states have done so
  • Cap the price of food and energy to stop the profit-price spiral driving inflation
  • Maintain support for families hit hardest by the cost-of-living
  • Support pay rises which restore people’s purchasing power

ETUC General Secretary Esther Lynch said:

“EU leaders are acting like the cost-of-living crisis is over but their own polling shows that people are still struggling and need more help.

“Not only is it too soon to withdraw the support measures put in place, but the poll shows that the current measures don’t go far enough to make a real difference to people’s lives.

“It’s a scandal that only a minority of EU member states have put in place a windfall tax on excess profits. That would not only help fund support measures but also bring down profit-driven inflation.

“The European Commission need to listen to people’s concerns and change course. The only people who will benefit from a return to austerity in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis are the far-right.”