European Trade Unions elect new leadership

At its Congress in Paris, the European Trade Union movement will elect a new leadership team for the next four years, including a new President and General Secretary, two Deputy General Secretaries and four Confederal Secretaries.

The candidates are



Candidate for post of

Rudy De Leeuw



Luca Visentini


General Secretary

Veronica Nilsson


Deputy General Secretary

Peter Scherrer


Deputy General Secretary

Liina Carr


Confederal Secretary

Esther Lynch


Confederal Secretary

Monserrat Mir Roca


Confederal Secretary

Thiébaut Weber


Confederal Secretary

Photos of the candidates are available at

Leadership candidates

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CVs of the candidates are available at:  


The new leadership team will be elected by 509 voting delegates from 90 national trade union organisations in 39 European countries, including many national trade union General Secretaries and Presidents, as well as European trade union federations. The new leaders take up their posts immediately at the end of the Congress.


The candidates will address Congress in the morning of Thursday 1 October, with the vote  taking place at 13.00 on the same day

The results will be announced at 09.30 on Friday 2 October followed by a photocall with the new leadership team on stage at Congress in Paris


The newly elected Secretary General will immediately afterwards open a panel discussion on the future role of the ETUC, and then present the Confederation’s Manifesto for 2015-2019 to the vote.    


The delegates at Congress will debate and vote on the draft Paris Manifesto and ‘Action Programme 2015-2019 (a longer policy document). Full Congress programme: PDF


The ETUC Congress takes place from September 29 to October 2 in the Maison de Mutualité, Paris:



All sessions of the Congress will be open to the media with full access to the Congress hall – to register: Media accreditation


There will also be live streaming at

Congress hashtag is #ETUC15