Landmark Agreement on information and consultation rights in the workplace

ETUC welcomes the agreement reached today between trade unions and employers in central government administrations.

The agreement sets out common minimum standards for the rights of workers and their trade union representatives to be informed and consulted. Workers will be better placed to deal with their employers when these seek changes in the work place. It gives workers a say when the employer proposes restructuring, or changes in working time. It also allows workers to propose health and safety or work/life balance improvements.

The employers and trade unions will ask the European Commission to transpose the agreement into a directive for adoption in Council, in line with TFEU articles 154-155. This would guarantee that all workers in central government administrations benefit from these rights.

The agreement will give millions of government civil servants and employees information and consultation rights that other workers already have.

Peter Scherrer, Deputy General Secretary of the ETUC said  "This agreement shows that European Social Dialogue can deliver results for workers. The Commission must now take the agreement forward, as requested by the social partners.”

“Commission President Juncker pledged to be the President of European Social Dialogue: now Commissioners Thyssen and Dombrovskis can turn his words into action by making this agreement a Directive. Respecting the outcomes of the negotiations between the social partners is key to progress.”

“The ETUC congratulates EPSU, its European Federation representing workers in central government, for this good result."