Restructuring: ETUC formally complains to EU Ombudsman about Commission's lack of action

Brussels, 02/09/2013

MEPs took the decision to use their new powers of initiative included in the Lisbon Treaty in their response to the Commission’s Green Paper. On 15 January 2013, the European Parliament adopted their report calling for a legal instrument on anticipation of change and restructuring, proposed under Article 225 (Treaty of Lisbon). The report had massive support from a majority in the EP (503 for, 107 against and 72 abstentions). Under the Treaty, the Commission has three months to present the legal instrument to the European Parliament and Council of Ministers.

The three month period passed on 15 April 2013 without an initiative being presented.

“MEPs recognise that legislative action is urgently needed at European level to address the anticipation of change and ensure effective management of restructuring”, states the ETUC complaint. “We are calling for the Commission to respect the Treaty and propose a legal instrument as demanded by the EP, to respect democracy at European level and ensure a framework of rights” stated Bernadette Ségol, ETUC General Secretary.