Social dialogue can only be strengthened if trade unions are respected

The ETUC notes the adoption at today’s EPSCO of the Council Recommendation with the aim of strengthening social dialogue at national level.

We have concerns about the process, as the European Social Partners were not consulted on the final text before its adoption. Therefore, we will now need to analyse the text in full to make sure that trade union prerogatives are fully respected.

The ETUC has been clear throughout the process that the Recommendation must recognise the role of trade unions as the sole actors empowered to conduct collective bargaining on behalf of workers. Our position is fully in-line with EU, Council of Europe, and ILO human rights instruments, including the Directive on Adequate Minimum Wages in the EU.

ETUC Deputy General Secretary Claes-Mikael Ståhl said:

"For the ETUC it is crucial that social dialogue and collective bargaining is firmly placed at the centre of a more social Europe. This Council Recommendation must provide a template for achieving this. However, we regret that the social partners were not consulted on the final text before adoption, as proper involvement and consultation of social partners is at the heart of social dialogue. We will now need to have a full assessment of the text adopted by the Council."