Spring forecast: EU economy far from healthy

Commenting on today’s European Commission spring 2014 economic forecast, Veronica Nilsson, Confederal Secretary of the European Trade union Confederation, said

There may be signs of recovery, but the European economy is far from healthy. Today’s forecasts show no significant fall in unemployment. With 26 million unemployed, and unemployment rates forecast to go from 10.5% this year to 10.1% next – it is hard to see in what sense there is real recovery. The levels of unemployment, poverty and inequality in the European Union today are a disgrace and should be worrying the European Commission far more than they seem to.”

The European Commission talks about growth driven by internal demand, but EU policies focussed on cutting government spending and driving down wages do nothing to support internal demand. Far from being a success, the reforms proposed by the European Commission are holding back growth and risk stagnation or even recession for some European countries. What is needed instead of a diet of austerity is a plan of investment in growth and jobs that would further boost internal demand.”