Trade unions deliver an urgent message to European employment ministers

Brussels, 03/12/2007

“By approving the proposed Temporary Agency Workers Directive, you can extend much needed protection to several million vulnerable workers. You can revive the idea of an effective Social Europe. You can give reassuring substance to flexicurity.

“Germany should not bow to threats from the UK that such approval would put the EU Reform Treaty at risk. This directive would be a positive, not a negative step for Europe in the eyes of working people. I applaud the efforts of our affiliates in the UK, Germany, Ireland and Malta to have their governments see sense.

“At the same time, do not endorse the proposals on amending (weakening) the Working Time Directive. To approve these, especially on top of a timid decision on temporary agency workers, would signal that, frankly, Social Europe is giving up its ability to regulate in the employment area. This would be a huge set back for the whole idea of Europe.”