Newsletter PaRL November 13

The Participation and Rights Letter « PaRL » is an ETUC-Infopoint tool for distributing news related to Worker Information, Consultation and Participation rights in Europe.

In collaboration with all European Trade Union Federations and the European Trade Union Institute, PaRL provides updates on relevant EU policy and legislation on worker involvement. PaRL also represents a platform for the exchange of experiences and good practices, news on company developments, project results, publications, and events.

PaRL focuses on worker involvement rights in Europe, with specific attention to both the company level and the transnational dimension. It targets all actors involved in worker representation rights, and in particular EWC members, coordinators, and practitioners. PaRL is available in different language versions.

You can contribute to PaRL and share information, experiences, comments, events, by contacting the Infopoint staff : [email protected]