Standards affect workers

Image of ETUC leaflet

Standards are present everywhere in our daily life. Initially associated with product safety and interoperability, their reach has extended to affect a wide range of issues such as occupational health and safety, competences and training, service provision and privacy at work. Many of these areas are right at the centre of trade union work.

the ETUC joined forces with CEN-CENELEC and the other organisations representing societal stakeholders, ANEC and ECOS, to develop a free interactive online training course on “Societal stakeholders and standards”. The eLearning is available via . Modules 6 and 7 of the training address specifically the impact of standards on workers and their working conditions, and how trade unions can participate in the development of standards.

To learn more about how standards affect workers, and how trade unions can participation in the development of standards, read our leaflet: Standards affect workers. National versions of this leaflet have been published or are in the process of being published. The following national versions are already available: