Sustainable transport subsidy for French insurance workers

Bicycle in Paris

The CFDT, CFE-CGC and UNSA trade unions in France have agreed a sustainable mobility package with Paris-based multinational insurance company Axa, that will reimburse employees for coming to work by more climate-friendly means of transport.

The scheme, which came into effect in January, will allow the group’s 13,000 eligible employees in France to claim up to €400 per year to cover the purchase of a bicycle, equipment, maintenance and repair costs, single tickets for public transport, carpooling through dedicated platforms, or scooters and two-wheeled personal transporters. Some 460 staff have already signed up following an in-house campaign at the end of 2021.

The package is part of Axa’s climate strategy to reduce emissions from its vehicle fleet. The company has also launched a ‘Climate Academy’, a one-and-a-half hour e-learning course for employees and partners on the causes and impacts of climate change.

A second French insurance group, Maif, has reached a three-year agreement with trade unions represented in the company to hire more disabled people. Maif is undertaking to employ at least 40 disabled workers in 2022-2024, including 15 on permanent contracts. At present, 6% of Maif staff are disabled. The agreement includes measures to make workstations more accessible and to support employees with disabled family members.

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Photo: Rudy and Peter Skitterians