Who's the Boss - Stop exploitation in subcontracting chains

Who's the boss?

That is the question workers ask when problems arise - an accident or a delay in the payment of salaries.

When a problem occurs – and unfortunately they are frequent – subcontracted workers do not know to whom they should turn to. Frequently no one takes responsibility and workers are left in the cold, unprotected.  

Abusive subcontracting is an obstacle to sustainable growth and destroys the social market economy. Enough is enough! The European Commission is currently undertaking a study on subcontracting and the role of TEAs in the context of posting. This must be the occasion to propose new and stricter legislation in the context of subcontracting and posting. Millions of construction workers count on this ! We will fight for this !! Attached you can find our policy explaining our main demands.

Key demands

The EFBWW urgently calls for a new dedicated European approach for better rules on subcontracting and their enforcement. The European Commission should use the momentum to swiftly make legislative proposals in the following ten priority areas:

1. Stronger rules on subcontracting in public procurement

2. Limit the subcontracting chain both vertical and horizontal

3. Full joint and several liability

4. Due diligence

5. Digital enforcement tools for workers

6. Digital company registers

7. Protect posted workers in subcontracting chains

8. Strengthen trade union workers’ representatives and EWCs

9. Effective labour inspections and complaint mechanisms

10. Same work, same rights, same salary

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