18. Financial Reform

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Despite of bold declarations from top leaders of the G20 and the EU, financial re-regulation has proven to be shaky and hesitant. However since March 2010, the ETUC was able to achieve considerable progress on two items of the legislative agenda for financial reform in Europe. The first concerns a set of regulations for a cross-border European architecture of financial supervision. The second affects the progress made on trade unions and workers rights in the framework of the Alternative Investment Fund managers Directive (AIFM), regulating hedge funds and private equity funds.

- <strong>Financial Market Reform in the EU - state of play , (2010)

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- Public consultations on “Financial sector taxation”

- Public consultations on “derivatives and market infrastructure and on short selling”

- The ETUC is part of the campaign Europeans for Financial Reform

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- "ETUC evaluation of the 'de Larosière' report" , April 2009