New Labour Code for Portugal

A new labour law framework, known as the Decent Work Agenda, came into force in Portugal in May following months of negotiation with the social partners.  

It contains some 70 measures that are designed to improve working conditions and the balance between personal, family and professional life.

New provisions include:

  • Fathers’ parental leave up from 20 to 28 consecutive days;
  • Increased bereavement leave for the death of a spouse or miscarriage;
  • Self-declared sick leave by phone or online for a maximum of three days twice a year;
  • Restrictions on temporary contracts, and presumption of an employment relationship between workers on digital platforms and user companies;
  • Extended right to telework;
  • Higher compensation for sacked workers;
  • Payment of at least 80% of the national minimum wage for professional internships;
  • Incentives for employers to conclude collective agreements.

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