Pay rise to counter inflation in the Netherlands

Workers in the mental healthcare sector in the Netherlands will get an additional 10% in their pay packets thanks to a deal negotiated by the FNV union. The increase, which will benefit more than 100,000 workers, comes on top of wage rises already set in the current collective agreement.

Mental health workers supported the union’s demands by starting a petition that rapidly collected more than 10,000 signatures. There will be an additional wage increase of 5% in 2023 on top of the previously agreed 2%, followed by an additional 5% in 2024. The extra salary will also affect allowances, such as holiday and end-of-year bonuses.

Said Elise Merlijn, director of FNV Zorg & Welzijn: "Towering inflation and the circumstances which GGZ [the Dutch trade association] employees are dealing with make a considerable wage increase essential. The fact that employees themselves started a petition during the negotiations demonstrates the need. We are happy that we have reached agreement with the employers.”

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